Tuesday Tip: Stop those Spam Instagram Group Chats!

As a person who loves Instagram, lately I’ve been experiencing spam group chats from complete strangers.  I didn’t know how big the issue was until I saw all of my friends complaining about the exact same thing.  Well fortunate for us, there’s a solution to stopping those irritating spam group chats.

  1. Go to your profile and select the menu.  It looks like 3 lines.
  2. Select > “Settings”
  3. Select > “Privacy”
  4. Select > “Messages”
  5. Scroll until you see “Group Settings” select it, then tap “Who Can Add You to Groups”.  Select “Only People You Follow on  Instagram”

Voila! You will no longer be included in those group chats!

Lexi Jackson: In the role of Sales Operations Associate, Lexi uses her strong technical, organizational and problem-solving skills to provide insights and support to the sales team. Her previous support desk and website development experience contributes to her ability to understand and successfully address potential customer needs.

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