Tuesday Tip: Protect Yourself From Hackers Breaking Into Your Phone

Smartphone wrapped in chain and a lock.

The National Security Agency provided seven ways for smartphone users to protect their devices and personal data. Bad actors use WIFI networks and smartphone apps to carry out cyber crimes and steal identities. Here are seven ways to protect your phone:

    1. Updating software and apps removes flaws in existing software so hackerscan’t break into phones.
    2. Only install apps from official app stores like Google Please and the AppStore. Unofficial app stores like Aptoide, SlideMe, ACMarket and Amazom App Store pose risks, as hackers create fake versions of an app to allow full access to your device once downloaded.
    3. Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth and don’t connect to public WIFI networks. Hackers can take control of your device without any user interaction.
    4. Use encrypted voice, text, and data apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. They provide end-to-end encryption, a security method that keeps phone calls, messages and other data private.
    5. Don’t click links and open attachments that can give hackers access to your personal information.
    6. Reboot your device every week to prevent zero-click exploits and spear-phishing. Turning off the phone resets all open web pages and apps to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information.
    7. Use a mic-drowning case and cover the camera to drown out the microphone and block background audio. These cases have a microphone jamming system built in to prevent unwanted eavesdroppers. Cover the back and front facing camera to prevent hackers from turning the camera on and off and saving media data from your camera roll.

Use these tips to thwart cyber criminals and keep your data safe!


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