Tuesday Tip: Search Within WhatsApp

Young woman using cell phone to send text message on social network at night. Closeup of hands with computer laptop in background

No matter what platform you use, messages accumulate over time, and it can be hard to find what you need, when you need it. Maybe you’re looking for the street address of a restaurant you want to try or that funny quote your sister sent to you. For those that use WhatsApp, there is an…

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Tuesday Tip: Who Needs a New iPhone?

image of 2 iPhones

Did you know Apple has an iPhone upgrade plan? This was news to me. This plan is perfect for anyone who always wants the most recent iPhone and can afford it. I am sure my best friend has this plan as he has the new everything when it comes to technology! The first step is…

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Tuesday Tip: FlightAware

Bottom view on jet airplane flying in the sky overhead among green trees, carbon footprint

If you’ve ever looked up at an airplane and wondered where it could be headed, well, wonder no more. With the power of the internet at your fingertips, you can view details on just about any airplane you see in the sky on FlightAware. With nearly-real-time tracking, you can view an interactive map of your…

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Tuesday Tip: Keyboard Shortcut to AI

A couple of months ago I wrote a Tuesday Tip about Bing Chat (Microsoft’s ChatGPT equivalent). Since then, it has been rebranded as Copilot. If you are running Windows 11, the fastest way to pull up Copilot is to press the Windows logo key + C. The Copilot dialog box pops up to the right, and…

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Tuesday Tip: Let Google Lend a Hand

Black businesswoman dictating message on phone in a coffee shop terrace

Do you want to save yourself some time? Of course, we all do! Next time you need to write a document, especially a long one, try a little-known transcribing tool in Goggle Docs and let it do the typing for you. To activate this tool, open Google Docs and navigate to the Tools tab at…

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Tuesday Tip: iPhone’s New NameDrop

three friends using their cellphones while spending time together in the city

We regularly encourage you to install updates since many of them include patches to protect against common scams. And while that still rings true, there is a new setting that comes with the recent iPhone iOS 17 update that you need to understand. What is NameDrop? To make information sharing as easy as possible, iPhone…

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Tuesday Tip: What’s in Your Charging Cable?

With its release of the iPhone 15, Apple has finally jumped on the universal charging connector bandwagon. For consumers, this good news since it means iPhone users can now charge with the same cables as Android phones. But of course, this does not mean their USB-C cables are cheap, and in fact, they cost as…

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Hackers Love the Holidays: Common Scams & How to Avoid Them

The holidays are here! This time of year is filled with exciting activities and much-needed downtime. It is also a time of increased online activity and shopping, which unfortunately also brings an increase in online scams. This is especially true on major shopping holidays, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In fact, according to the…

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Tuesday Tip: Delete Emails that Contain Passwords

Connection page against smiling hipster businesswoman using her laptop

Most of us, including me, probably keep old emails in our inbox that contain important information/messages you don’t want to lose. Some of these old emails might contain usernames and passwords for some of your online accounts. As you probably know, many services send new subscribers welcome emails containing the username and password needed to…

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Tuesday Tip: Do You Know Who Else Is on your Computer?

Here’s a quick way to find out who else has an account on your Microsoft Windows computer. On your keyboard hit the “Windows key” + “R” at the same time. In the box that pops up, type in “netplwiz” and hit “enter.” This will show you all the accounts that are active on your computer.…

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Protecting Your Small Business from the Digital Threat Landscape

In today’s digital age, small business owners are navigating an increasingly complex landscape, and one of their biggest concerns is cybersecurity. A recent report, “The Cyber-Resilient CEO,” by Accenture, reveals some alarming statistics: a whopping 74% of CEOs express concerns about their organization’s ability to shield their business from cyberattacks, even though 96% cybersecurity plays…

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