Tuesday Tip: Create “Art” with AI

Meet Impressionist Birthday Possum

Are you an artist at heart but maybe not in skill? DALL·E 2 is an image generator that uses the OpenAI generative tools, the same AI behind much-talked-about ChatGPT. With DALL·E 2, you can generate unique images based on the descriptive text you enter. Choose from different art styles that you’d like your image to…

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David Gracey on Atlanta Business Radio X

David Gracey, our fearless leader, was recently interviewed on Atlanta Business Radio X. On this show, he talked about some of the biggest challenges he has confronted and overcome in the company’s 25 years in business, what he expects in the next 25 years and offers advice for others that may be considering starting their…

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Tuesday Tip: Save Time in Excel with Autofit

When starting a new excel spreadsheet, columns are set to a standard width of 8.43. Simply put: you’ve only got so many characters you can type into cells before you start seeing something like this: It is easy to manually widen those cells so you can see the data, but by using a very basic…

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25th Anniversary Party

On April 27, Network 1 celebrated 25 years in business with an open house for employees, clients and other friends of the company. Here are a few photos from that shindig for you to enjoy.

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Tuesday Tip: Microsoft Word Hacks

Laptop computer displaying logo of Microsoft Word, a word processor developed by Microsoft

Most of us work in Microsoft Word all the time without issue. But when one arises, it can be very frustrating. Here are some tips to make your life a bit easier. Have you ever closed a Microsoft Word document without remembering to save it? No autosave either? No need to stress. Simply open file…

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Tuesday Tip: Two for One iPhone Edition

Passenger traveler woman in airport waiting for air travel using tablet smart phone. Young business woman smiling sitting with travel suitcase trolley, in waiting hall of departure lounge in airport.

iPhone Calculator Tip Have you ever been typing numbers in your iPhone calculator and accidentally enter the wrong number? Instead of hitting “C” to clear the whole number and start over, simply swipe left on the numbers to erase the wrong umber and type in the correct one. iPhone Flight Information When traveling, did you…

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Tuesday Tip: Sitting Stinks

Young elegant African American businesswoman with Asian male colleague walking on street stairway carrying papers while meeting on modern conference

Most of us sit at our desks for at least six hours a day. But sitting for hours on end hurts our muscles and joints. How do we keep our job and our health? Here are some ways to avoid sitting all day. Pick a few of your favorites and incorporate them into your routine.…

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Tuesday Tip: Give “Back Tap” a Try

I love discovering cool new features on my iPhone that I never knew existed. Case in point: if you have iOS 14 and an iPhone 8 or newer, you can enable “Back Tap.” What is Back Tap, you ask? Imagine it’s late, you forgot to turn on your porch light and you’re at your front…

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Has Your Used Phone Been Reported Stolen?

Crop unrecognizable guy with mobile phone browsing and showing photos to female friends while sitting together near table with laptop in daytime

Phones are expensive. Instead of automatically buying a new phone when you need one, many people look for used versions of popular models to save some money. If you know what you are doing, you can get a great deal by taking this route. Just like anything you buy used, however, you need to make sure…

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Don’t Let the Bad Guys Win this Tax Season

Tax scam warning sign, A yellow warning sign with text Tax Scam and theft icon on a keyboard

Tax season can be a stressful time, and unfortunately, it’s also a prime time for identity thieves to strike. With the rush to file taxes and the abundance of personal and financial information being shared, it’s easy for bad guys to steal your identity and cause major headaches for you down the line. How Identity…

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Don’t Ring Up Trouble

In recent years, the use of Ring Doorbells has become an increasingly popular way of enhancing home security. These video-enabled doorbells are equipped with cameras that allow homeowners to monitor their property, receive alerts, and even communicate with visitors remotely. However, scammers are now using phishing attacks to steal sensitive information from Ring Doorbell owners,…

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Tuesday Tip: How to Re-route Spam with Gmail


Everyone has their own tips and tricks for avoiding spam messages in their email box, including setting up email filters or creating an entirely separate email to use when signing up for things online. If you use Google’s Gmail, here are a few more things to try: If you want to create a temporary email,…

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