New Client Announcement: Employment Law Firm

Rapidly Growing Employment Law Firm Turns to Network 1 for Reliable IT Services and Greater Security We are pleased to welcome a new employment law firm to  the scores of law firms that depend on Network 1 for their IT. This Atlanta-based employment law firm moved to us due to our in-depth knowledge of SharePoint…

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Tuesday Tip:  Meet Me Halfway There

A few months ago, I was going to meet a family member halfway between my home in Kennesaw and theirs in Augusta so my daughter could spend some time with relatives. Finding a good halfway point meant neither side had to drive more than the other. The question arose, how do I find a good…

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Tuesday Tip: Blokada – Mobile Adblocker and VPN

I’ve had an adblocker extension installed on my browsers for several years now (uBlock) which prevents me from seeing an excessive number of ads. I’ve been searching for an equivalent app for my Android phone and recently learned about a free, open-source app called Blokada and decided to give it a try. If you’re on…

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Tuesday Tip: Find Company Toll-Free Phone Numbers Faster

Find 800 numbers

Have you noticed that more and more companies seem to be doing their very best at hiding their toll-free phone numbers on their websites? Sometimes you need to talk to a customer service rep about a specific issue. Maybe it’s just me, but nothing is more frustrating than when I can’t find an 800# for…

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Tuesday Tip: Unlocking Phone While Wearing a Mask

open iPhone in mask

We don’t have to tell you that Covid-19 created challenges from a variety of angles. While certainly not the biggest problem, but still frustrating, is using the facial recognition feature to unlock an iPhone while wearing a mask. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big impact and not having to pull down your…

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Tuesday Tip: Keep All Apps & OS Updated

update apps and OS

Every so often, you’ll receive a notification on your computer or phone telling you to either update an app or your software. Most times when we receive these, we either don’t do it because we forget about it, we don’t have enough time, or we just simply don’t have enough storage to complete the update.…

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New Client Announcement: Wealth Management Firm

Start-Up Wealth Management Firm Turns to Network 1 to Create Secure & Compliant IT Infrastructure We are pleased to welcome a new wealth management firm to the growing number of financial services firms that depend on Network 1 for their IT. This particular firm chose to work with us due to our in-depth knowledge of…

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Tuesday Tip: Microsoft Wants You to Throw Away Your Password

This month, Microsoft expanded a feature they originally released in March that allows users to delete their password. Instead, you can login using an authenticator app or with a verification code sent to your phone or email. Microsoft suggests the future is password-less, and if that’s true, I’m ready for the future. Hackers often gain…

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How to Plan for a Cyberattack

prepare for cyberattack

October is Cybersecurity Awareness month, so now is the perfect time for you to think about – and prepare for – what to do when your business is hit by a cybercrime. A recent survey of 1,400 CIOs revealed that over 30% of those companies were hit by a cyber breach in the past year.…

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Tuesday Tip: Do You Ever Read the Terms of Service?

Facebook Terms of Service

Almost no one ever reads the Terms of Service associated with anything these days. Think about it – who has the time to sort through the pages and pages of legalese to simply get to an app or a website. If you do, you’re probably a legal expert in the field of contract law. If…

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Tuesday Tip: Protect your Smartphone

Did you know your phone can be hacked just like a computer? A lot of people assume their phones don’t require the same security as their computer, yet their mobile devices can be susceptible to malware and phishing attacks too. Phishing attacks via email are common, and lately, many are starting to come text messages…

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