You’ve Gotta Try This New Netflix Service!

Netflix Offers New Streaming Video Service

Netflix is the DVD rental company that delivers movies to your home via snail mail.  It has been a hugely successful company that reinvented the movie delivery business model.  Blockbuster recently announced it is filing for bankruptcy, in large part to Netflix and other direct DVD rental services.  Netflix is extremely convenient, cost effective and has a gigantic, fully stocked library of videos from which to choose.

But NetFlix recently got even better.  If you own a video console such as Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3, you can access the NetFlix video library online and view movies directly to your television.  Here’s how it works: if you aren’t already a NetFlix customer, sign up.  It’s inexpensive and the 2-DVD plan should work fine for most folks.  Login to your NetFlix account and order the FREE disc that lets you view the streaming videos straight from NetFlix to your TV. The disc will arrive in 2 days (go figure).  Next, make sure your game console is connected to the Internet via your high speed Internet connection.  (Let us know if you need someone to help setup your home entertainment system.  We have several great companies who can take care of you).  When the disc arrives, pop it into your game console (Wii) and follow the on screen instructions.  It’s that easy.

Here’s the cool part:  most, but not all, DVDs that you can rent are available online.  About half of the DVDs in my queue are available through the streaming service.  So that is a huge library of videos which can be viewed, unlimited, for free.  But not only that, NetFlix also has access to a fairly large library of cable and broadcast television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Family Guy (love the Star Wars episode) and Hoarders (one of my personal favorites).  So re-claim your personal time by watching what you want, when you want, all for the very low price of “free.”

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