By Kristen Evangelista

I love my AirPods and use them all the time, especially when exercising. It gets frustrating when I am in the middle of a great work out and they just stop working, or even more frustrating, only one ear bud works. Has this ever happened to you? Here are a couple of quick tips that will hopefully get you going again:

  • Put them back in the charging case for a while or completely charge the case and these tricks have worked for me. If these are not successful, read on.
  • Are they clean and dry? Lots of debris can build up in the headphones and I know I have no fear of walking in the rain, so ensure you use a dry cloth to remove dirt and keep them dry.
  • Check your stereo balance by going to Settings>Accessibility>Audio/Visual under Hearing and ensure slider is in middle between L and R headphones
  • Disconnect, reset and restart the AirPods from your phone: Go into the Bluetooth setting and choose forget Apple AirPods. Return the AirPods to the charging case and leave the lid open. Hold the setup/reset button on the back of the case for 15 seconds. Hold the button until the light beneath the lid flashes amber. This concludes the rest process and now you can restart and pair them as new.
  • Test another pair to see if there is the same issue
  • Lastly if all else fails, it might be time to call Apple Support and hopefully their expertise can get you through with success.


Kristen Evangelista

With multiple years of experience in customer service across many industries, Kristen brings her upbeat and positive attitude to the Network 1 team. She is dedicated to meeting clients’ needs so they can achieve greatness through Worry-Free IT. or 404.997.7640

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