Tuesday Tip: Virtual Interior Design with Housecraft

By Erin Kowtko


I was recently out shopping and came across a lovely chair that I thought would look good in my bedroom. I liked the color scheme and leather quality, and, frankly, it looked like something my sweet, old kitty would enjoy resting on during the day. I waxed and waned when decision time came because I wasn’t sure how it would fit with the dimensions of my room. I ultimately did not make the purchase because of my uncertainty. You can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this app that is dedicated to virtual interior design assistance!

Housecraft’s sole purpose is to help you with ideas for your home interior. It is currently free to download in iTunes for iPhones and iPads.

Housecraft logoThe app gives you a plethora of options for designing. You can filter your search based on a particular room, budget, style, metro area, and size. You find something you like and then “view it in your room.” When you click that, it populates the image of your choice in the very room you’re in or a saved room. You can move it about wherever you like in the room. What I especially like is that you can adjust measurements so you can see how a little change can make a huge difference in presentation. That helps you identify what exact specifications in furniture will work best in your setup.

This app reminds me of Pinterest in that you can create “IdeaBooks.” Say you are interested in redesigning your library and mudroom. You can create specific books for each area of interest. It is nice to have a dedicated spot for each interest that you can quickly access when needed.

The app provides users the option to connect with local contractors if you are in need of help with a project. You have the choice to connect with a designer as well. The app also features discussions, episodes from Houzz TV, and newsletters. In that sense, Housecraft has something for everyone and is quite helpful. I am honestly shocked why it is free at this point!

I hope this app helps you in your future home design endeavors!


Erin Kowtko - Network 1 ConsultingErin Kowtko

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