by Tony Rushin

My car was in the body shop way too long and my insurance coverage for a rental car ran out. I was looking for a less-expensive alternative for temporary transportation when I remembered Turo.

Turo is basically Airbnb or VRBO for cars. From the Turo website: “Skip the rental counter: Discover the world’s largest car sharing marketplace.”

When I discovered Turo several years ago I thought it was a place you go to rent cars you wouldn’t otherwise have the budget to experience. Indeed, there are several cars on Turo in Atlanta that serve the high-end market:

However, when my car was in the shop too long I was looking for cheap, reliable, basic transportation. To my surprise, Turo had the low-end covered too:


Besides the car and price there are other things that can help you choose the right car for your needs including: host rating, # of trips, specific pickup location (pickup is free; if you want the car delivered to you there is a fee), # of miles included in the price (and the price / mile if you go over). All cars have free cancellation as long as you provide 24 hours notice.

There is one “hidden fee” and that’s the Trip Fee. This is a Turo fee that is variable based on the price the owner has set (it was $5.25 for the Chevy Spark; $31.25 for the Alfa Romeo). There is also a Young Driver fee if you are between 18-24. Other than that any charges are optional: delivery, pre-paid fuel, post-trip cleaning, etc (hosts set their own price for the extras). There is no sales tax (unless the state you live in insists).

Next time you need wheels – or want to surprise someone with an Alfa Romeo for a day – check out Turo. And if you decide to be the first person to rent the Crown Vic, let me know how it goes!

Tony Rushin

Spending 30 years in high-technology sales & marketing, from IBM to start-ups, Tony brings his broad experience in business development, marketing and IT business strategy to Network 1’s leadership team, clients and partners. His passion is to help people achieve greatness, however they define it. or 404.997.7633

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  1. Tracey Smith on November 21, 2019 at 11:30 am

    Tony, I have a client that actually is in this business on the side….. He is also an attorney. Great article!

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