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Tunity App

By Kate O’Neal

Tunity Audio App For all those travelers, sports fans, and gym enthusiasts out there, here’s an app for you! Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re out and about and a live TV stream comes on that you are dying to hear but don’t have audio access to? There is a solution for you! It is called Tunity and it’s available for free in the Apple Store and Google Play.

By scanning a muted or quiet TV with the app open on your phone, it will detect the channel you’re on and start streaming the audio feed through the app on your device. Pretty cool, right? Best part- it really is as simple as it sounds.

Of course with anything, there are a few stipulations. Make sure the program you’re trying to stream is a live program. If you’re watching a DVD, a previously aired show or sitcom, for example, the feed will not come through. Also, Tunity is available only on certain channels, but the list is pretty extensive. You can find a list of supported channels in the Help section while using the app. Additionally, you must have your location services enabled so it can tell which local stations are nearby.

Tunity Audio App If you’re having problems streaming the feed, be sure the program is not currently on a commercial break as that will prevent the app from finding the correct channel. Also, make sure you have a strong cellular connection or are connected to a wireless network and you are not too far away from the TV.

Another cool feature: If you find that the audio is off from the video stream, you have the ability to fast forward until they match up.

As with any new app, there are improvements to be made. However, I certainly see myself using this app while sitting at Hartsfield Jackson waiting for my next flight, or on the treadmill at the gym. Happy listening!


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