Tuesday Tip: The iPhone Calculator DOES Have a Delete Button

By Richard Stokes


Doctor ”Ray – do you know how much 312, times 123 is?”
Raymond “38376”
Doctor “He’s right”
Charlie “What?”
Doctor “He’s right!”
That’s a scene from one of favorite movies ‘Rain Man’, where a Doctor in a rural town is testing Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) on his math skills by punching large numbers into a calculator, and The Rain Man is instantly supplying the answers, much to amazement of his brother Charlie (Tom Cruise).

Even though I consider myself to be good at Math, I’m certainly no Rain Man. So, from time to time I will use the built-in calculator on the iPhone. The part that has always frustrated me is that there’s no delete or back button (I don’t see it on there, do you?). So, if I fat-fingered a number I would have to start the calculation all over again.

Well, it turns out, they thought of that too.

All you have to do is swipe forwards or backwards with your finger over the numbers you have already entered and they will be deleted one at a time. Genius!

Charlie: “He should work for Nasa or something”
Doctor: “Ray, if you had a dollar and you spent 50 cents, how much would you have left?”
Raymond: “About 70”
Charlie: “So much for NASA!”




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