by Richard Stokes

If you’re not an iPhone user then this isn’t the blog for you.  However, I promise that if I ever decide to get my hands on an android I will look into a similar blog for your device.

Other than ESP, what faster tool do we have to send a short message to a friend or co-worker than text messaging?  Not much.  So, how could you possibly be more efficient when texting?  Well, I learned some things last week so here are a few quick tips.  And as in life, it’s the little things that make a difference:

1)      For those of us that still use punctuation when texting, at the end of a sentence simply tap the space bar button twice and you will get a period as well as a space.

2)      If you are looking to insert a symbol such as ‘? @ or !’ off of the 123 keyboard:  instead of going through the process of:

  1. Tapping the 123 button123-key-iphoneto switch keyboards,
  2. Tapping the desired symbol,
  3. Tapping the ABC buttonabc-key-iphone to get back.

Do this:

Press and hold the 123 button and drag your finger over to the symbol you want. Once you release your finger, you’ll get the symbol and the keyboard will automatically revert back to the ABC mode.

3)      I have a friend that likes to shout a lot on text (capitalizes all his letters).  So this is perfect for him.  Double tap the Shift key shift-key-iphone to lock it and everything you type will be capitalized (the shift key turns blue to show it is locked).  To undo, just tap it again.

4)      For those of you that are International travelers or have International customers, you may need to use other language characters such as umlauts and upside down punctuation marks.  To find them tap and hold a letter on the ABC keyboard and all the options for that letter, if any, will be displayed.  To use one, keep your finger on the screen and drag it over to the option you want.


Until next time, happy texting but please don’t try this while you are driving!

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