By: Justin Culver

There are a lot of settings that can affect how well your laptops operates. Some of the settings are not easily found or not even known. We have already touched on why it is a good idea to restart your computer on a regular basis and how to check your up-time in Task Manager.  Did you know, you can restart your laptop and it not actually restart? I have seen up-times on computers that shows the laptop hasn’t been restarted in weeks, but the user shuts down at the end of every day. How can this be?

Notice on the top option, you can hit the power button and the setting is set to just to go into “sleep” mode.  So, when you think your restarting or shutting down, the computer is still running. Click the drop-down menu and choose to shut down. This easy change will make sure your laptop is restarting.


Justin Culver

Justin comes from a background of serving client needs in the field. He brings his can-do attitude with him from his time in the Marine Corps. He has a passion for making sure clients have all they need to get the job done and the mission accomplished, with Network 1 Consulting’s support the whole way through. or 404.997.8148


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