Tuesday Tip: Shutdowns and Reboots

By: Chase Petersen

If you work like me, you leave your laptop on all the time.  Simply put it to sleep/hibernate when you leave for the day.  Open the laptop back up in the morning and it is ready to go; but this can cause problems for the machine.

I have started to regularly shut down and reboot my laptop and it has had a valuable increase in productivity to my machine.  By shutting down or rebooting the machine, it restarts its processes and programs, clearing out unnecessary data that is slowing everything down.  On top of increasing the performance of the computer it will increase the lifespan of it too.

It is recommended as the computer ages it is shut down more frequently, to the point where it is shut down every night, but the newer the computer the less frequently it needs to be shut down.

Increase the power and lifespan of your computer by taking an extra minute or two each day when you use it.  I strongly recommend shutting down over the weekend as a compromise if you can’t every day.

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