Tuesday Tip: Share Your Outlook Calendar

by Tony Rushin

Our team can’t live without seeing each others’ calendars: Client Managers need to know when the Primary Engineers and Field Directors are available for Business Review Meetings; Sales Consultants need to know when the engineers are available for technical assessments; Project Manager needs to know when people are available for new client onboarding meetings; etc.

Fortunately, if you use Outlook and an Exchange-based calendar (Office 365, AppRiver, an onsite Exchange server, to name a few examples), sharing your calendar is a straightforward process. To share your calendar with people inside your organization, here is what you do:

1) From the Calendar Home tab, select Share Calendar
Share Your Outlook Calendar | Network 1 Consulting

2) In the email that opens, put in the name of the person, or people, in your organization that you want to share your calendar with and make sure “Allow recipient to view your Calendar” is checked (you can also check the box to request permission for you to view the recipient’s calendar; my advice is to stick with initiating the calendar sharing). In the Details dropdown menu, choose how much access you would like the recipient to have (see below):
Share Your Outlook Calendar | Network 1 Consulting

Share Your Outlook Calendar | Network 1 Consulting

  • Availability only – Appointments will be shown as Free, Busy, Tentative or Out of Office
  • Limited details – Shows availability (Free, Busy, etc.) and the subject headers for each appointment
  • Full details – Shows availability and all details contained in the appointment, including messages in the notes and/or any attachments

Note: if an appointment is marked as “Private” on your calendar, all the recipient will see is “Private Appointment” with a padlock when they view your calendar.

3) When the person, or people, in your organization receive the sharing invitation via email, they click Open this calendar:
Share Your Outlook Calendar | Network 1 Consulting

4) Once step #3 is complete, your shared calendar shows up in the recipient’s Calendar list:
Share Your Outlook Calendar | Network 1 Consulting

Sidney Crosby | Share Your Outlook Calendar | Network 1 Consulting Unfortunately, Sidney Crosby is not part of Network 1 so he cannot accept my invitation. That’s okay, he has more important things to do right now – like leading the Pittsburgh Penguins against the Nashville Predators in the Stanley Cup playoffs as the Penguins look to become the first repeat champions in the NHL since the Detroit Red Wings did it in 1997-98.

Go Pens!!


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