By David Gracey

Share Contacts 1In recent years people have become more dependent on the contacts in their mobile phones than ever before.  When someone new calls our cell phone, we add their name to the number and save it in our contacts so the next time that person calls us, we know who it is.  Likewise, their number is at our fingertips when we want to call them.

One quick and easy way to share a contact with someone else is through text messaging.  Let’s say Amanda has Barry’s contact information on her cell phone and Clyde wants to call Barry but doesn’t have his number.  Amanda can send a text to Clyde with Barry’s full contact name, email, phone number, etc., which Clyde can then add to his cell phone.

Send Contact: in order to text a contact, open the contact on your phone and click SHARE CONTACT at the bottom of the screen.  It will prompt you for the manner in which you’d like to send the contact, either text or email.  Choose one and then type the name of the person to whom you’d like to send the contact.

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Receive/Add Contact:  once the person receives the contact, they can either just call the number or they can add the person to their own contacts.  Click on the icon on the text just received and the person’s contact information will show up.  Click CREATE NEW CONTACT and edit it as necessary.  Save and close.  Now the contact has been added.

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Cell phones have been liberating in how we manage the contact information for our friends and colleagues.  Quickly sharing those contacts is a great way to keep our lists current.

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