Tuesday Tip: Quickly Recover Closed Browser Tabs

by Tony Rushin

As I prepared to write this week’s Tip I asked my daughter, Hannah – just home from Auburn for winter break – what her favorite time-saving tip was for exploring the internet.  Without hesitation she said, “Control-Shift-T.  It reopens a tab that you already closed.  Sometimes, when I’m writing a paper, I say, ‘oh shoot, what was that website I was on two days ago?’, and then I hit control-shift-T several times and there it is!”





I had never heard of this keyboard shortcut (although, I found, it’s been around for years) but I immediately understood the usefulness.  I hopped onto my laptop, went to Google Chrome (which I hadn’t closed for a week) and started hitting control-shift-T and sure enough, the tabs I had closed popped back open.

This keyboard shortcut works for Chrome (my preferred browser… it’s fast), Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Try it right now – I think you’ll like it and want to put it into your bag of keyboard shortcut tricks.

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