By: Courtney Rose

I’m often reading something on my smartphone and would rather be reading it on my laptop or don’t have time to read it in that moment and want to revisit it later. I recently discovered Pocket which allows you to save a URL so you don’t need to leave a tab open and remember to eventually find it again. I use my Google login to access Pocket so I don’t need to remember another login.

You can add the pocket app to your mobile phone and save URLs from your mobile web browser there, or access something you saved from your laptop and read it on your phone.

There are also web extensions you can add to your browser, both Chrome and Firefox, for

Pocket so that if you want to quickly save an article you’re reading, video you’re watching or recipe you’d like to try, you can quickly press the Pocket button directly in your browser and save it for later.

Pocket has been great for times when I don’t want to keep an overload of tabs open on my phone or my laptop so that I remember to come back and read/watch it later. You can organize the things you save with tags, and archive things you’re not actively reading, but might want to access again later. For those familiar with Pinterest, it’s somewhat similar, but not heavily influenced by images and geared more towards short-term saving articles.

Pocket has been a great time saving and decluttering tool, I’d recommend it to anyone who finds themselves leaving multiple tabs open with the intention of coming back to it later!


Courtney Rose | Network 1 ConsultingCourtney Rose

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