Tuesday Tip – Passwords and USBs – Beware!

by Cheryl Sklar

We at Network 1 know that we have great engineers.  In addition to all the knowledge that they have in helping to solve computer problems, they often give us great suggestions for our Tuesday Tips.  Thank you to two of our guys, Alan Schwartz and Eddy Levin, for the following suggestions.

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We all know how important it is to use passwords with so much information flying around cyberspace.  Here’s a great article from Tony about Managing Strong Passwords – a great reminder on how to choose a good password.  On the flip side of that, here is a list of top 10 passwords NOT to use:









It is good policy to create passwords with at least 8 characters, mixing capital and lower case letters, and special characters.  This article, Please Don’t Use These Passwords, Sincerely, the Internet, gives you some good suggestions on using and protecting your passwords.

USB Flash Drives:









There are many fake USB drives prevalent out in the business world.  The Chinese started the trend by using smaller chips in place of bigger ones to make money (ex. a 512MB to look like a 1GB drive).  They would often put keyloggers on the devices, enabling the recording of anything you type using your keyboard and acting as spyware.  Pretty scary!  Here’s a helpful article detailing some of the findings on this subject.

A lot of conferences hand out free USB flash drives.  In addition to most of that space being taken up by their company advertisements, there can be viruses and malware on those drives that can affect your computers.  Here’s an interesting article to support that concern about thumb drive dangers. So beware.  There’s not really an easy way to tell if those USBs are bad or not.  The best practice is just to not use them.  Take home a fancy pen or some other type of fun, promotional product and buy your USB drives from a reputable office supply company.

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