Tuesday Tip: Oops! I Forgot to Add the Attachment!

By Alisa Michael

Delaying Emails in OutlookLast year, I wrote a tip on delaying email delivery for a specific email. This has worked out well when I want to catch up on emails early in the morning or on the weekends and do not want to disturb the recipient at that time. I’ve since learned of another great tool in Outlook.

How many times have you hit “Send” on an email only to realize you forgot to mention something or to add an attachment? It’s happened to me on numerous occasions. Outlook has a fix for this. You simply need to set up a rule to delay the delivery of all messages by holding them in your Outbox for a specific amount of time after you hit “Send.”

To do this, first click the File tab in the upper left-hand corner of Outlook.
Delaying Emails in Outlook
Next, click Manage Rules and Alerts.
Delaying Emails in Outlook
Next, choose Apply rule on messages I send.
Delaying Emails in Outlook
Click on the box next to “on this computer only.”
Delaying Emails in Outlook
Next, in Step 1, choose “defer delivery by a number of minutes.” Then, in Step 2, click on “defer delivery by a number of” minutes” and choose how many minutes you would like the messages to sit in your outbox before sending. Click Next and then on the following screen click Finish.
Delaying Emails in Outlook

From now on, any email that you send from Outlook will sit in the Outbox for as many minutes as you have chosen. You can open the email and make any edits or delete it while it is in the Outbox. If you open the email while it is in Outbox, you must click Send again in order for it to send. Also, do not close Outlook until all the emails have sent.


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