Tuesday Tip: No Shame in Using Tutorial Videos

By: Chase Petersen

Work-life balance is important to your health and happiness; if you are anything like me, most of your free time is spent on a sport or activity that involves competition.  Tennis and golf have been my main focuses lately, but the problem is that I have just enough time to play once or twice a week with little or no time to practice.  In both sports, I consider myself self-taught, as in, I never took formal lessons and just figured out how to play by myself.

The invaluable tools that helped me progress quickly in both of my hobbies are YouTube tutorial videos.  Sometimes we forget what a rich library YouTube can be for quick and informational videos on important subjects.  I personally use “Me and My Golf” and “Essential Tennis – Lessons”, they both create videos for every skill level that are short and easily applicable to your game.

Most of the YouTube tutorial videos that I watch are for my hobbies, but it is easy to forget about how much information is on the site.  With a quick search into any field or task, a short video can be found that will help immeasurably.  These tutorials will build your knowledge base and increase your skills in whichever field you decide to research.

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