By: Blaine Williams

In our modern age of technology, it’s no secret that the blue light being emitted from our computer screens can be harmful to our eyesight. What’s less apparent is the negative effects that blue light exposure can have on melatonin production and REM sleep. In recent studies, scientists have found that prolonged exposure to blue light can suppress the production of melatonin and make it more difficult for your body to reach a state of REM sleep. If not properly managed, these side effects can significantly reduce our productivity. 

Fortunately, Microsoft and Apple have done their parts to lend a helping hand to those of us who have a hard time unplugging due to our work schedules. Both companies have implemented a “night mode” feature in their new operating systems to combat the negative side effects of blue light exposure. This feature works by filtering out the blue light from our displays, giving the screen a yellow hue. The yellow hue may take time to adjust to, but it’s well worth the health benefits and productivity boost.

To enable the night mode feature on Windows 10: 

Navigate to Settings > System > Display and simply slide the night light button on. (You can also configure specific settings by selecting “night light settings.”)

Win10 Night Mode | Network 1 Consulting Tuesday Tip

To enable the night mode feature on MacOS:

Navigate to System Preferences > Displays > Night Shift (tab) and change the schedule field to reflect your preferences.

MacOS Night Mode | Network 1 Consulting Tuesday Tip

Here’s to more restful nights and more productive days.

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