Tuesday Tip: Never Run Out of Phone Charge Again

By Richard Stokes


Do you know what low-bat-o-phobia is? It’s not the fear of low-flying bats, nor is it the fear of taking a baseball bat to the face when you’re seated in the lower levels. It’s actually the phobia of your mobile device’s battery running out.

Actually, it’s really not; I just made that up! But the fear is still very real. Think about it: it’s 5pm, your battery has gone into the red, you’re nowhere near a charger, and you’re certainly not in a position to hang out next to an outlet for the next hour. Panic has officially set in.

Not too long ago, I was preparing for a Cub Scouts camping trip with my son. We’d be spending several nights in a tent out in the wilderness, and I knew full well that power outlets would be somewhat of a challenge to come by. Now, for some of you, this would be a real opportunity to disconnect for a few days, and in most cases I would agree…but I knew there would be lots of picture- and video-taking going on, and I didn’t want to miss our first Cub Scouts trip moments because my iPhone ran out of juice.

So I did the research, and for a mere $25.99, I settled on the PowerCore 10000 from Anker. This is a small, portable battery power bank that, once charged, holds enough power to recharge your mobile device several times over before it gets drained.

It’s about the size of a credit card (thicker, of course), is relatively lightweight, and works flawlessly. I kept my device charged for the full camping weekend, and on a recent ski trip to Oregon, I used it to top-up my phone since mountains are also thin on outlets.

Trips are meant to be enjoyed, so don’t dampen them by adding the stress of a low battery. Carry the Anker with you, along with a USB charger cable, and you never have to experience low-bat-o-phobia again.


Richard Stokes: As the Director of Sales for Network 1, Richard identifies “future” clients that can benefit from the support of an experienced, outsourced IT team. He helps clients and prospects find technology solutions they need to achieve better productivity and efficiency so they can focus on making money and growing their businesses.

Network 1 designs, builds and supports the IT you need to run your business more securely, productively and successfully. Whether you want to outsource all of your IT needs to a reliable, responsive, service-oriented company, or need to supplement the work of your internal IT staff, we will carefully evaluate where you are now, discuss where you want to go and implement and support a plan to get you there with as little interruption as possible.

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