By Richard Stokes

Do you know what low-bat-o-phobia is? It’s not the fear of low-flying bats, nor is it the fear of taking a baseball bat to the face when you’re seated in the lower levels. It’s actually the phobia of your mobile device’s battery running out.

Actually, it’s really not; I just made that up! But the fear is still very real. Think about it: it’s 5pm, your battery has gone into the red, you’re nowhere near a charger, and you’re certainly not in a position to hang out next to an outlet for the next hour. Panic has officially set in.

Not too long ago, I was preparing for a Cub Scouts camping trip with my son. We’d be spending several nights in a tent out in the wilderness, and I knew full well that power outlets would be somewhat of a challenge to come by. Now, for some of you, this would be a real opportunity to disconnect for a few days, and in most cases I would agree…but I knew there would be lots of picture- and video-taking going on, and I didn’t want to miss our first Cub Scouts trip moments because my iPhone ran out of juice.

So I did the research, and for a mere $25.99, I settled on the PowerCore 10000 from Anker. This is a small, portable battery power bank that, once charged, holds enough power to recharge your mobile device several times over before it gets drained.

It’s about the size of a credit card (thicker, of course), is relatively lightweight, and works flawlessly. I kept my device charged for the full camping weekend, and on a recent ski trip to Oregon, I used it to top-up my phone since mountains are also thin on outlets.

Trips are meant to be enjoyed, so don’t dampen them by adding the stress of a low battery. Carry the Anker with you, along with a USB charger cable, and you never have to experience low-bat-o-phobia again.

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