Tuesday Tip: Need Help Remembering? There’s an App for That.

by Cheryl Sklar

Don't Leave It App Network 1 ConsultingWho doesn’t? As my family can attest, I set alarms for myself all day long – to help me remember to do this, call that person, follow up on that. It drives them crazy (an added bonus for me), yet it does the trick in helping me remember things. I’ve found an app that reminds you not to leave your location without bringing certain designated items with you. Don’t Leave It!

The app, currently only available on iPhone thus far, works even if you have no data or signal on your phone. It does require you to use Location Services (because it has to know where you are in relation to leaving your selected items). It also wants access to your Health and Fitness Data (because it may need your step count if the GPS data is weak or unavailable). However, their company does not have access to your location information and it does not share this information with anyone.

Don't Leave It App Network 1 ConsultingTo use this app, you simply select an item (or add a note to remind you of a couple items) and set a distance as to how far you can walk away before getting a reminder. You will receive a notification telling you the reminder is set and you need to press “ok” to clear that notification and officially set the alert. It  comes with preselected items, and you can add your own.

This is great for many uses, for example:

  • Remembering your umbrella, computer or notes for tomorrow’s meeting when you leave the office;
  • Taking the appetizer, gift or your jacket when you go to a dinner party;
  • Not leaving your ID or debit card at the bar/restaurant when you’re leaving happy hour;
  • Grabbing your book or tablet from the seat back before you leave the airplane.

Don't Leave It App Network 1 ConsultingThis is a simple app to use. It is free, with ads, or you can purchase a no-ad version for only 99 cents. I had a few questions and I found an email address through Contact Us. Their customer service is great; I got quick and thorough responses. They are working on an updated version that will allow me to remember several things I need to take with me at one time. Right now, you can add a small note to your alert if you want to remember a couple of items. This app is unique because, instead of reminding you to DO something, it reminds you to BRING or TAKE something. It’s less about time and more about a place. As long as you remember to input the items that you don’t want to be without when you get where you’re going, it won’t let you leave them behind.


Cheryl Sklar - Network 1 ConsultingCheryl Sklar With over 26 years of experience in sales, marketing and general coordination, Cheryl uses her varied organizational skills to enhance the behind-the-scenes efficiency of Network 1. She strives to help things run smoothly wherever she can.

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