By:  Lexi Jackson

If you’re anything like me, having hundreds of tabs within my browser drives me insane. Last week I discovered new ways to manage browsing tabs in Google Chrome. If you right click on a tab, you’ll see the options that are listed below:

  • New tab to the right
  • Move tab to new window
  • Reload ctrl + R
  • Duplicate
  • Pin
  • Mute site
  • Close ctrl + W
  • Close other tabs
  • Close tabs to the right.

A majority of them were somewhat self explanatory, but there were two commands that I was completely unfamiliar with.  These terms were “Pin” and “Mute site.” I discovered, “pin” means the tab will be pinned to the far left and become a smaller icon.  In addition, if you close the browser and the tab is still pinned, once you reopen Google Chrome the tab will still be there.  To unpin the tab, right click and select “Unpin.” Easy, right?


The other command I was unsure of was “Mute Site.” It was to no surprise, that it actually meant you could mute the entire website. 😀  Have you ever clicked on a site and you’re caught off guard because there’s a video ad playing? Well, muting the tab stops any and all sound coming from that tab.  Thus, instead of turning your volume off completely, you can continue your web browsing peacefully! Is that not amazing?

Hopefully these tips can help your browser stay organized and clutter free in the future!

Lexi Jackson

Lexi, a recent graduate from Georgia State University with technical knowledge and customer service experience, offers a refreshing perspective to Network 1’s team, associates and clients. or 404.997.7661

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