by Tony Rushin

Are you always looking for good, quick ways to manage your inbox? Yeah – me too. Here’s one that my teammate, Kevin Jackman, showed me a few weeks ago: it literally takes less than 5 seconds to do and it is life-changing (okay; perhaps a little hyperbole; however, it is inbox-changing)! Note: we have hired efficiency specialist Debbie Kirkland numerous times – Kevin learned this tip from her.

Group your email threads by conversation.

Here’s an example of a company-wide calendar invitation I sent out. Without “Show as Conversations” turned on the replies appear in my inbox at various times throughout the day as people accept the invitation and I have to delete each acceptance individually. Turn on “Show as Conversations” and it groups all of the replies into a single item marked with a small triangle.

Click on the triangle and the item expands to show all of the replies.

Move the cursor to the right and the delete trash can shows up – this lets you delete the entire conversation thread with one click!

To turn on this function start Outlook, go to the View tab and check the Show as Conversations box (I also expanded the Conversation Settings so you can what I selected).

That’s it; you’re done.

Take 5 seconds right now to make this change – you’ll be glad you did.

Tony Rushin

Spending 30 years in high-technology sales & marketing, from IBM to start-ups, Tony brings his broad experience in business development, marketing and IT business strategy to Network 1’s leadership team, clients and partners. His passion is to help people achieve greatness, however they define it. or 404.997.7633

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