Tuesday Tip: Let AI Take Your Meeting Notes

By Destiny Gardner


One of the most important things you can do during a meeting is take notes. It seems like a simple task but can take more effort than you would expect. During meetings, you are trying to listen, add input, and take notes at the same time. It can be a lot to juggle, and we are all human. Mistakes can happen, and your notes might not be as reliable and detailed as you would want them to be. Getting good notes can be especially difficult if you are the one leading the meeting.

Voicera Eva Review | Network 1 Consulting

How about letting technology handle the hard part while you sit back and relax? Voicera created Eva for this exact reason.

The Voicera platform lets you take better notes by helping you organize, edit, and share meeting highlights. This is an app created with the small business owner and startup company in mind.

How to Get Started With Voicera

First, you have to create an account. Their site gives you a brief introduction on how Voicera works and how to use Eva for your meetings. It is as simple as sending Eva a calendar invite.

What is cool about Voicera is that it can integrate with almost any email provider. Whether you have Office 365 or Google Business suite, you can use Voicera. It can also integrate with all major conference providers; use Voicera with freeconferencemeeting.com, Cisco WebEX, GoToMeeting, and more. You can also push meeting notes to Salesforce and Slack.

Voicera Eva Review | Network 1 Consulting


How to Work With Eva


Be sure to bring whichever device will be utilizing Eva into the meeting, and Eva will record, as well as take notes, throughout. You can choose to have Eva chime when she enters the meeting, follows a command, and exits.

She will take queues from you as she takes notes. To mark important moments, say, “Okay, Eva.” If you need to make note of an action item, say, “Okay, Eva, action item.” Even if you just want to be sure she is there, say, “Okay, Eva, are you there?” She will reply with, “Yep!”

Take advantage of the “LiveTap” feature to create highlights and mark key moments in your meeting. Right before your meeting, Eva will send a link to the LiveTap interface.

After your meeting is completed, you can look at the meeting “X-Ray” to see what Eva found to be important about your meeting. Take your time to look over the notes Eva took. If you need to, you can even play back the entire meeting to re-listen to anything you feel you need more clarity on.

You also have the option to share your meeting notes from Eva with the meeting participants. This include the full recording. If you do not want to share everything, you can send specific excerpts without sharing the full meeting.

Voicera is a great option to use to take notes in meetings. It’s interactive and flexible while taking some of the grunt work off your plate. Eva will do the hard work so you can remain focused and engaged in the meeting without having to worry about missing out on the important parts…Eva will have you covered.

Now, if only she could order lunch after the meeting is over (you might need another certain AI assistant for that)… 


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