Tuesday Tip: iPhone’s “Do Not Disturb”

By Alisa Michael

iPhone Do Not Disturb Feature Network 1 ConsultingRecently a friend and colleague, Wendy Ellin, a productivity coach, came in to speak with our sales team and shared tips on using your time wisely at the office. Among the many tips she shared, she suggested turning off all distractions for a 90-minute stretch during the day and focusing on one task. I have begun implementing this plan and have been able to use a nifty feature on the iPhone – Do Not Disturb.

By enabling this feature, you can work uninterrupted, stay focused in a meeting with a client, or enjoy a full night sleep without your phone buzzing alerts or receiving incoming calls. The feature is easy to use and offers several options.

To enable Do Not Disturb simply navigate to Settings, scroll down and tap on Do Not Disturb. At this point you can choose Manual or Scheduled. I use the Manual setting during the day when I need to work uninterrupted. Scheduled is reserved for nighttime and it automatically works during a predetermined time-frame.
iPhone Do Not Disturb Feature Network 1 ConsultingThere are other settings that can be set to customize this to best fit your preferences. You have the ability to choose who to Allow Calls From. Mine is set up to receive them from Favorites. This way, I have the security of knowing that if my daughter calls in the middle of the night with a problem, I am available.
iPhone Do Not Disturb Feature Network 1 ConsultingI also keep Repeated Calls enabled so that a second call from the same person within three minutes will not be silenced. If someone is trying to reach you in case of an emergency, the call will come through.
iPhone Do Not Disturb Feature Network 1 ConsultingNow you can prevent unwanted interruptions during the day or calls during the night!


Alisa Michael Network 1 IT ConsultingAlisa Michael

With over 18 years of experience in the legal arena as well as client management, Alisa brings her experience to Network 1’s team, clients and partners. She strives to be proactive in managing clients’ needs and expectations with an outcome of client satisfaction and retention.

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