Tuesday Tip: iPhone Email Rich Text Formatting

By Blaine Williams


How often do you find yourself sending emails from your iPhone? For those of you who consistently use the iPhone mail app, rich text formatting features such as bolding, italicizing, and underlining can be a game-changer. Luckily, Apple has taken these features for mobile email users into consideration when rolling out their new iOS updates, but if you don’t know they exist, you might miss them.

To utilize your iPhone’s rich text formatting features:

  • Press and hold your screen after typing an email to highlight the text you wish to format. 
  • After highlighting the text, you will notice a list of options populated above the highlighted text. The option you want to select is labeled “BIU.” How to Use iPhone Rich Text Formatting | Network 1 Consulting
  • Immediately after selecting the BIU option, you will be presented with a sub-menu labeled “Bold, Italic, Underline.” Simply select your desired rich text formatting feature (you can use all three if you like), and the typed text in the email will reflect your changes. How to Use iPhone Rich Text Formatting | Network 1 Consulting


Now you can emphasize the most important parts of your emails right from your iPhone!


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