Tuesday Tip: Google Play Music is Facing the Music

By: Chase Petersen


While Spotify is certainly the most popular music app – the app that I have been using for a long time is Google Play Music.  It integrated with other popular apps that I used and I was able to bundle the subscription with YouTube to save some money.  But, Google Play Music is getting the axe, it will be discontinued before the end of the year.

My fellow Google Play Music users are not out of luck. You can switch over to YouTube Music with your entire library and keep the price of the subscription. I am still exploring YouTube Music but it is very comparable to Google Play Music – the transition is quite easy: all you need to do is download the YouTube Music app and sign into you Google account. From there your previous library is only a click and quick download away.

Be warned that if you do not switch over to YouTube Music when Google Play Music closes its doors, your library will be deleted and lost. Make sure to protect your curation by switching in time.

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