Tuesday Tip: Google Earth

By:  Lexi Jackson

As an avid traveler, it has been disappointing not being able to explore new places this year.  I wanted to experience Canada and possibly Italy in 2020, but of course that has been postponed until further notice. From time to time I will search my dream destinations on Pinterest to learn more about them. One afternoon, I was searching the web for images of Italy and an article titled “Google Earth” appeared.  I tapped on the article and found that Google Earth is an app that allows you to select any place in the world and learn more about it. This sparked my curiosity and I instantly downloaded the app to my phone.


I began selecting different countries, looking at the images, and reading their history.  Now, whenever I’m curious about a country, this is the first place that I go to.  If you are like me and find joy in traveling and looking at images, then this app is definitely for you!

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