Tuesday Tip: Easy Hunting for New Tech Products

By Destiny Gardner


I personally suffer from information overload this day and age. If you are a tech geek like most of us at Network 1, it is a bit hard to keep up with the latest products on the market or the best app that’s trending. There is absolutely way too much ground to cover, and most of us do not have the time to dive in. Why not simplify your search?

Product Hunt is a great resource to help you break down the latest products on the market. You can stay up to date with the best apps, websites, hardware, and tech creations that are trending. 

How Product Hunt Works

When you first get to Product Hunt, you can create your own account or browse around as a guest. The main page shows you the products that are most popular for the month, today, yesterday, and even as far back as over a month ago. They also have a tab that lists the newest products on the market.

The products listed on the Popular tab have been voted on by other users of the site. You can check out whichever product catches your eye and vote for it. You do have to sign up for an account to vote on a product.

With or without an account, you will be able to customize your feed to show only the types of products you are interested in. They have categories such as productivity, developer tools, books, photography, analytics, Macs, and much more. You can also type in the search bar to find a category not listed on the main page.

Think of the feed as somewhat similar to Facebook. Add or follow whatever topic you want and it will appear on your feed, and you can also view the latest and most popular products on your feed.

How to Use Product Hunt for Gift-Giving

Even if you are not a tech geek, you can use Product Hunt to find a gift for your tech enthusiast friend. If you know what types of products they are interested in, you can follow the feeds and watch out for any products you think they would like. This could come in handy for birthdays and the holidays. You might even be able to impress them with your newly-found tech knowledge.

I suggest trying out Product Hunt regardless of your tech knowledge. It is a fun site with some nifty search features. Best yet, it will keep you up to date with the world’s ever-changing technology. (Besides, does it get any better than a tech-savvy kitten logo?)


Destiny Gardner - Network 1 ConsultingDestiny Gardner

As an Atlanta native, Destiny enjoys serving the local community she has grown up in. Since graduating from Emory University, she worked at a tech startup where she ensured client satisfaction. Destiny brings her many skills, as well as upbeat attitude, to the Network 1 team, clients and business partners to help them achieve greatness through Worry-Free IT.

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