Tuesday Tip – Browsing Incognito Can Save You Money

By:  Lexi Jackson

Ever wonder why after you keep eyeing a concert or plane ticket, the price goes up?

Websites tend to keep track of the amount of traffic on their website.  Monitoring their traffic allows them to see what items are getting the most attention. This means that they’re noticing certain IP addresses constantly checking for a set of tickets.  From their perspective, a person that is continuously going back to specific tickets is probably desperate and willing to pay a higher price.  As a result, when you go back to check the prices the following day, the price will have increased.

A solution to this problem is Google Chrome’s Incognito browser. The Incognito mode disguises your IP address, which makes it difficult for a website to monitor your traffic or obtain your information.

The next time you decide to purchase tickets online, try using Google Chrome’s Incognito mode, you will be able to bypass price traps and better protect your information.  Plus, it can save you money!

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