by Tony Rushin

Use the space bar – instead of your thumb – to move the cursor. Boom!

Maybe calling this the “Best Simple iPhone Tip Ever” is a little hyperbole. However, when my wife, Luann, showed me this tip a few weeks ago – and when I subsequently showed it to several people – we all had the same reaction: “Wow! That will save me time and frustration every single day!“

Here are a few more details. When you want to edit a text, email or Safari search on your iPhone – press and hold the space bar until the keys gray out and then, with slight pressure on the space bar, you can move the cursor where you want. Up – down – left – right: it works somewhat like a touch-sensitive mouse pad on a laptop.

With help from Richard’s screen recording tip from a couple of month’s ago, I put together a brief video demonstration. It shows me editing the text – a tip to a couple of my bourbon buddies – right after I put it together with my voice: space bar as cursor.

Can you believe this move-the-cursor-with-the-space-bar function has existed for three years!? It came out when 3D functionality started on the Model 6.  It’s crazy that it has taken so long for it to get traction. Here is one of several articles that comments on this tip: “People are freaking out over this iPhone cursor trick”.

I’m curious: did you already know about this tip? If so, when did you learn it?

Tony Rushin | Network 1 Consulting

Tony Rushin

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