Tuesday Tip: Are We There Yet?

by Cheryl Sklar

With summer fast approaching and kids getting out of school, let the road trips begin. Here are a couple of really good road trip apps that will help you along in your fun – and safe, we hope – journeys.

iExit appiExit
One of my friends recently told me about an app that helps you find convenient places to stop for whatever your needs may be. . . iExit.

This app, available for both iPhones and Androids, uses your device’s location to determine where you are on the highway and then shows you upcoming exits in real time. It will search the next 100 exits for places like Starbucks, Cracker Barrel, campgrounds, WiFi, playgrounds, rest stops, hotel deals and more. You simply open the iExit app on or near any interstate nationwide and it searches for what is nearby. You can filter the search by your preferences.

While I haven’t tried this myself yet (I intend to), my friend says it’s great and she loves it. Let me know what you think.

Along The Way AppAlong the Way
This app, Along The Way, finds places that are on the route you are traveling. It is different from other apps because it identifies cool places that you’ll be passing en route to your destination and it does not make you backtrack. Along The Way offers Android and iPhone versions. It’s great when you’re not necessarily traveling, too. For example, you’re going to a friend’s house for dinner and you want to find a wine shop or a gas station between home and the friend’s house. You can look at various options in list and map views. Once you pick an option, you will see details like store hours, ratings or directions.

Atlas Obscura
Atlas ObscuraThis one is not an app, but the website, atlasobscura.com, will show you a lot of cool things to check out – wonderful and quirky things that you might never have considered. You can find ruins, ghost towns, museums, natural wonders, etc. You can search by city or by type of obscure things you want to see. I simply typed in Atlanta to see what is around here and all sorts of fun things came up to check out. This looks like a great idea for a Staycation.

For more good travel tips that we’ve shared in the past, check out Tony’s What’s the Craze with Waze?, Alisa’s Hitting the Road this Summer?, and Kate’s Planning a Vacation . . . Made Easy. Wherever you decide to explore, happy travels!


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