by Tony Rushin



No, not a DUEL.







A DUAL – as in two monitors.




Already use two monitors?  Read on – there are some tips below that could boost your productivity even more.

73023I’m not going to inundate you with references of various studies that show productivity increasing by 10% to 60% when people use two monitors versus one.  You can Google the topic if you want to find the studies: my search turned up 876,000 references.  A quicker way to get a sense of the increased productivity is to ask someone who uses two monitors if they would go back to using one – their reaction will tell you everything you need to know.

I met a paralegal who had recently changed law firms.  I noticed that she had dual monitors while several attorneys and staff only had one monitor.  I asked her how she rated and she said, “Are you kidding?  I’ve used dual monitors for about 8 years now.  I’ll never go back.  When I saw my setup only had one monitor I ordered another one with my own money; it was a no-brainer.”  (note: the firm reimbursed her).

Cost is not a factor.  Monitors are cheap in the big scheme of things.  You can buy a nice business-quality HP or Dell 20” for less than $180.  Or, you can pick up a low-end 20” monitor at Fry’s, Best Buy or Micro Center for less than $100. Hint: get a stand that lets you adjust the height for ergonomics (swivel would also be nice but not as important as height if you’re on a budget).

Note: Most business-class computers, especially if they were purchased in the last three years, will come ready to support dual monitors.  However, many consumer-grade computers will need a second video adapter (about $60) installed to support dual monitors.

Just do it.  Don’t do more research or justification.  Just take $100 and get a second monitor.  If you’re an attorney or financial advisor – or the staff that supports these professionals – it will take you about a week to get a full return on your investment.  Trust me on this.

Already have dual monitors?  Here are some tips to increase your productivity even more.

It’s the old saying: time is money.  Dual monitors will save you time… try it!

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