Tuesday Tip: 5 New iPhones

by Tony Rushin

Tuesday Tip: 5 New iPhones

If you saw or read anything about Apple’s announcement last Tuesday, the 10th, you’re probably scratching your head and thinking: 5 new iPhones?  Tony must be confused.

Nope.  I am counting the new iPhone 5C and 5S (more info below).  I’m also counting the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 because once owners of these phones upgrade to iOS 7 (available tomorrow) they will think they have a new phone!  Note: iOS 7 will also run on the iPod touch 5th generation plus the iPad 2, iPad Retina display and the iPad mini.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, calls iOS 7 “the biggest change to iOS since the first iPhone”.  Developers and pundits agree – and they’re saying a lot of positive things.

I caught up with one of the local pundits, Nancy Chorpenning, last week.  Nancy is the Managing Partner of C-Suite Advisors and is on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).  She helps business owners focus on the right priorities that lead them to success in their business (check out her “8 Keys to Improving Profitability” interactive seminar).

Tuesday Tip -5 New iPhones

“When business owners work more productively they save time and their businesses are more successful.  The iPhone & iPad are tremendous productivity tools and iOS 7 makes them significantly better,” states Nancy.  “There are numerous enhancements to iOS 7; here are the ones I like best:

  • Overall better user interface (big change earlier this year when Apple transferred responsibility for the user interface design from Scott Forstall to Jony Ive).
  • Control Center – just swipe up on any screen to access common functions.  Turn on/off Bluetooth, Wifi, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, etc.
  • Notification Center is enhanced.  A summary of today – including calendar, birthdays, emails, weather – and a heads-up on tomorrow.
  • Camera controls – take a square photo that’s ready to be posted on-line.
  • Multitasking between open apps is easier and more intuitive.
  • Siri keeps getting better and can control more now.

If you already own an iPhone 4, 4S or 5, I suggest investing time learning the iOS 7 features after you upgrade.  It’s really like having a new phone.  Check the Apple store – they have Business Geniuses now and often have classes at 8:00 am before the store opens.”  (Nancy’s being modest: she helped the local Apple stores design an iPhone/iPad class for NAWBO that they are now using more broadly).

Here are the newly announced iPhones, which both take full advantage of iOS 7.

iPhone 5C.  The “C” stands for Color but it could also stand for Consumers.  This is Apple’s attempt to offer more price points in the marketplace.  The 2-year contract prices for iPhones now stack up like this: iPhone 4 = free, iPhone 5C = $99, iPhone 5S = $199.  You can pre-order it now (as of 9/13) and it will be available 9/20.  From a functionality standpoint, think of it as a slightly enhanced iPhone 5 (it has the same processor, screen and graphics as the 5).  The housing is made of plastic (but still a great look and feel) and comes in five colors: green, blue, yellow, red and white.  Compared to the 5, it has an updated FaceTime HD Camera and a better backside illuminator sensor for the camera; the battery is also slightly better than the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S.  This is the business person’s phone with tremendous upside.  I’m buying one this weekend (available starting Friday, the 20th).  Here are the things I like:

  • Touch ID: security, via a fingerprint sensor, built-in.  Great to protect sensitive data (like emails) if the phone is lost or stolen.  Critical for HIPAA compliance and for professionals such as attorneys and law firm staff.
  • A7 64-bit processor:  This is the first 64-bit processor in a phone (vs. 32-bit).  This is a big technology deal and means there will be even more powerful apps coming.
  • M7 coprocessor:  has motion sensing so the phone can offer different information if you’re sitting, walking, running or driving.  More powerful apps are coming – especially for health and fitness.
  • Camera upgrades: lots of new features here.  Helping a novice photographer like me take better pictures is always welcomed.
  • Battery life: With all those new features the battery still delivers 10% more life than the iPhone 5.

In addition, Apple is offering their iWork family of applications – Pages, Keynote, and Numbers – plus iMovie and iPhoto for free on the 5C and 5S.

Marketplace reaction to Apple’s announcement last week has been lukewarm.  However, I think once the new phones – including iOS 7 – start getting used, the power and benefits will be recognize and appreciated.  I predict a very busy Christmas season for Apple.

Tuesday Tip: 5 New iPhones - Tony Rushin Network 1 Consulting

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