by Tony Rushin

After my last tip about the free car, I thought I better write a serious article.  I mean, a free car?  Don’t be silly (by the way, I spent $55 on gas in September instead of my normal $240 and my electric bill looks like it went up about $10).  So, after extensive research, I bring you my exhaustive list of three best free Halloween apps for the iPhone.

CaptureFirst on the list is, of course, Ghostbusters™ Paranormal Blast by XMG Studio.  Just like the real Ghostbusters (not TM) pictured here, you can latch on to Slimer with your proton gun, put the nasty guy into the trap and then load them into the containment unit before calling it a day.  New this year: the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

How about some scary sounds?  Try the free version of Halloween Spooky Sound Box by Cookie Balloon.  All of the 50 sounds (the 99 cent version has 96 sounds) reside on your iPhone so there’s no internet connection required.  My three favorite sounds are: “I will find you”, “Psycho Strings” and “Female Pitfall”.  The sound buttons are big and easy-to-read and you can play multiple sounds at the same time (and press the “Loop On” button to be especially annoying… I mean scary).  Warning: the ads for games that pop up randomly are a nuisance and I’m not sure if they go away if you upgrade to the 99 cent version.

And last but not least, there’s the Zombie Face Maker by Laszlo Gera.  Take a picture or load it from your Camera Roll, apply one of 25 scary skins (45 more available if you pay $1.99 – plus the ads are disabled) and then send or save right from the app.  This is a simple, fun app: look at the before and after photos of the guy who was stalking me at the Cracker Barrel on Sunday:

stalker before

Zombie after








I’ll leave you with my favorite creepy video.  It’s eerie.  Watch closely.  Let me know if you see the ghost-like image.

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