Top 5 Medical IT Trends in 2012: Kiosks

Kiosks – Leveraging Technology for Better Results

by Richard Stokes

This post puts me neck and neck with Tony!

patient_check_in_kioskWhether you work in a hospital setting or private practice, healthcare facilities are being squeezed to try to do more with the same.  Combine that with an aging population and an expectation of high service fostered from other industries such as shopping and banking; practices have to look at ways to improve their patients experience while also managing costs.

Depending on the specialty, patient waiting rooms can be busy and at times frustrating for both the patient and the staff.  Implementing a self-check-in kiosk is a great way to improve this process.  A study by NCR Corporation showed that 76% percent of consumers are more likely to choose a healthcare provider that offers flexibility via a tool such as self-check-in kiosk.  In addition to attracting new patients, kiosks also offer a great way to:

  • Speed up the registration process
  • Reduce wait times
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Improve and increase accounts receivables by allowing patients to pay co-pays or remit outstanding balances at the time of check-in.

Some kiosk providers such as Clearwave allow physicians to make referrals to other practices via their HIE (Health Information Exchange) platform and instantly communicate complete and accurate patient demographics, thereby delivering more efficient patient care.

2012 will see a continued interest and deployment by healthcare providers into kiosk type technology.  As consumers become more empowered through the use of technology and their expectation levels change, practices will need to continue to adapt to keep them satisfied.

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