by David Gracey


Since I helped Tony out, Richard asked me to do the same so that he could take the lead!

The “cloud” means lots of different things to various people.  By now just about everyone has read an article about how the cloud is changing the future of computing.  And it is, to an extent.  Businesses have to be smart about how they incorporate cloud technology in order to minimize risk and maximize their investment.  To the majority of businesses with fewer than 100 employees, getting the most bang for their IT-buck is key when it comes to implementing cloud technology.

Medical practices that outsource some of their technology should consider picking the low-hanging cloud fruit first.  The lowest risk, highest impact cloud service now is hosted email.  In a cloud service offering, migrating a practice’s email to a hosted email provider accomplishes the primary goal of cloud: delivering reliable service at a fixed monthly cost.  When it comes to picking a provider, we avoid the biggest (Microsoft, Google) and smallest (the guy with a server in his basement) and stick with the “Goldilocks” providers: those who are big enough to deliver but small enough to answer the phone when you have a problem.    Also, many practices use low-cost “POP” email services, which are not HIPAA compliant.  This problem is resolved with hosted email.

With proper planning, the migration of email to the cloud can be done with minimal disruption.

Network 1 Consulting is a 13-year-old, IT Support company in Atlanta, GA.  We become – or augment – the IT department for professional services companies: medical practices, law firms and financial services firms.  Our IT experts can fix computers – but what our clients really value is the industry-specific best practices we bring to their firm.  This is especially important with technology, along with regulations and cyber threats, changing so rapidly.  We take a proactive approach to helping our clients use technology to gain and keep their competitive advantage.

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