Word and Excel – How to correct AutoCorrect

by Richard Stokes

Autocorrect is that feature in both Word and Excel that politely corrects the spelling of a word for you after you have mistyped it.  The ‘glass half empty’ person might say that is one of those tools that allow us to keep mistyping words on the keyboard and never really self-correct our own personal habits.  In actuality it’s designed to be a great time saver or at least so I thought……

So, the other day I was writing some medical blogs and the acronym ‘EHR’ (Electronic Health Records) kept popping up and every time I typed it, Word would correct it to ‘HER’.  I think I must have put up with it for no less than 10 times before I finally announced to the office, “does anyone know how to fix the autocorrect feature in Word?  This is really slowing me down.”

After a quick search on line by Alan, one of our engineers, he found the following link:


If you’re not having to key in ‘EHR’ every other day or some other industry specific term that gets corrected, file this somewhere for future reference.  As much we all like or dislike the tools that Microsoft builds in for us there will come a time when it slows you down and you’ll need to know how to tweak it and make it work for you.

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