Client Satisfaction: 2012 Survey Results

Network 1 recently completed our inaugural client satisfaction survey. By using the survey platform, Net Promoter Score, we were able to measure and understand our clients’ experiences. We would like to thank our clients for participating and helping us with feedback that we’re using to improve our client services.

We are pleased to share that our score, compared to top-notch companies in various sectors, was excellent (see table below). We scored a 75%. To explain how the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is calculated, clients evaluated us on a scale of 0 to 10 (with 10 being the highest) and were classified as Promoters, Passive or Detractors. The categories are broken down by how they scored us: Promoters = 9 or 10, Passive = 7 or 8, Detractors = 0 thru 6. The total NPS score equals the percentage of Promoters minus the percentage of Detractors (note: Passives are not counted).

Because thousands of companies use the NPS to track customer satisfaction, we’re able to measure our client satisfaction against other companies. As a comparison, here are some of the top NPS companies within various industries:*

nps ratings chart

*Source: Satmetrix 2012 Net Promoter Benchmark Study of US Companies. Unfortunately, we do not have data comparing our score with companies that offer services directly comparable to ours. If you care to read more about the Net Promoter Score, please visit {a href=””}{/a}
**USAA Direct Banking had the highest NPS of the 200+ companies that were rated

While we are pleased with our overall results, we are committed to improving. Network 1 will continue our focus on helping Atlanta businesses achieve greatness through technology and strive to improve our future Net Promoter Score.