QuickTip: Record Your Screen on Windows 10

Courtesy of: Andrew Edwards, Network 1 Sales Operations Associate

Need a free, quick, and easy method for recording your screen? Windows 10 offers this feature within its Xbox Game Bar, oddly enough.

To access the Game Bar, hit Windows Key + G. To toggle the Audio and Capture windows (the only two you will need), select the corresponding icon on the bar near the top of your screen. If you want to record sound (such as on a video) or record yourself talking during the screen recording, pay a visit to the Audio window to tweak your speakers and microphone settings before you record. Then, to turn on your microphone in Game Bar, access the Capture window in the top left of your screen and click the microphone icon or hit Windows Key + Alt + M.

Within the same Capture window, click the camera icon or hit Windows Key + Alt + PrtScrn to take a screenshot. To record your screen, click the dot icon or hit Windows Key + Alt + R. To quickly record the previous 30 seconds (go back in time!) click the counterclockwise arrow or hit Windows Key + Alt + G. By default, all Captures will be saved into your Videos folder.

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