QuickTip: “Find My” App on iPhone

Courtesy of: Lexi Jackson, Network 1 Sales Operations Associate

It can be easy to lose track of an Apple device. Luckily, Apple provides an app that comes in handy when you lose one of those devices. The “Find My” app allows for all of you

r Appleproducts to be tracked. Whether it’s your AirPods, Apple Watch, or iPhone, any Apple products you own will appear on the map at the last location you used them.

Say you know your Apple Watch is at home, but you can’t remember what room you left it in. First, tap “Devices” and select the name of the lost device you want to play a sound on. Then, tap “Play Sound”. A sound will play on the device for about two minutes.

If the device can’t be located, you will see “No location found” under the device’s name. Turn on “Notify When Found” and you will receive a notification once the device is located.


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