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Ditch Tape Backup with 1-Vault

For years, IT consulting firms have recommended tape backup devices to protect valuable data.  A popular service from Network 1 is our online data backup solution called 1-Vault.  Network 1 and its clients have long been slaves to tape backup.  Tapes are inexpensive but fraught with problems: someone has to remember to rotate the tape daily, tapes have a high failure rate (up to 40% by industry estimates) and because they are so slow it can takes hours or even days to restore all the data from a crashed server.  We think protecting your data is the most important function an IT provider can perform, so we got tired of battling the tape nightmare.  Our 1-Vault solution replaces the tape drive, backs up the data in real time (this is a HUGE advantage) and automates the process so there are no more forgotten tasks.   Plus it replicates the data to an offsite storage server hosted in a secure data center with fully redundant Internet, power and cooling.

Make 2010 the year you ditch the tape drive and upgrade to a first-rate backup solution.

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