Allison Wilson – PYA Gates Moore

by Richard Stokes

If you are like me when you hear someone use the term HIPAA in conversation it makes you shudder and wonder what else is there to this law/act that I need to be concerned about.

That is why I’m looking forward to this month’s speaker, Allison Wilson, Consulting Manager at PYA GatesMoore.  Allison is going to be talking to us about the requirements of HIPAA – new and old, so you don’t want to miss this meeting.

Why is this important?  Well, aside from the fact that it’s practically a full time job just to keep up with all the regulatory requirements for medical, the cost of incurring such violations can be very expensive and detrimental to a practice.  Allison says that this presentation is designed to be a tickler to make sure you are in compliance.  If you are not – or think you are not – then this is going to be some good information so you can start taking the necessary steps to become compliant.

Some of the key things you can expect to take away from Allison’s presentation are:

  • The difference between HIPAA Privacy and Security
  • Explanation of the requirements of each
  • Changes that have been made under the HITECH Act

Learning new information is always great, but it’s never going to be effective if the information learned isn’t actually applied and put in to practice.  Allison hopes that after hearing her presentation you’ll take action in the following areas:

  • Conduct a HIPAA Privacy and Security audit of your practice
  • Assign a HIPAA officer (if you have not already done so)
  • Start taking corrective action based on the results of the audit
  • Add HIPAA compliance monitoring to the top of your duties as a manager

Allison has a wealth of knowledge to benefit any practice struggling in these areas so don’t be shy about asking questions at the meeting or getting with her afterwards.  If you are looking for more information, the best sites to beef up on HIPAA are going to be:

This is a going to be an extremely informative and timely information session so if you haven’t already registered for this month’s event, what are you waiting for?  Feel free to share this with your peers and colleagues and invite them to attend as well.  North Fulton MGMA

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