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“Network 1 stands out in Healthcare knowledge and IT planning.”
Lynn Wolff, CEO, Georgia Hand Shoulder & Elbow

"Their engineers are very responsive: when you ask them to do something they actually do their job and make sure it happens for us. They’re extremely user friendly with their knowledge and their people skills.”
Cynthia Boszilkov, Practice Administrator – Breast Care Specialists

“We are in the midst of planning a move and new office construction.  We have one chance to get this right.  We chose Network 1 because they stand out in three areas:  Healthcare knowledge, skill of day-to-day support, and proactive planning.
Lynn Wolff, CEO – Georgia Hand Shoulder & Elbow

“Our old IT company charged by the hour: if it took them longer to fix a problem they got paid more! With Network 1 we can budget for our IT expenses based on their fixed fee monthly plan.
Margie Carpenter, Human Resources Director – Medicraft

“Their speed of response is excellent. They’ve always been really responsive.”
Bob McLean, Controller – Medicraft

“Although we’re a private practice, we operate like an outpatient clinic since we combine diagnostic imaging and office visits on the same day.  However, with a private practice budget, Network 1 helps us manage our technology and infrastructure better so we can make smart IT buying decisions, improve operational efficiencies and stay on budget.  This allows us to deliver better patient care."
Cynthia Boszilkov, Practice Administrator – Breast Care Specialists

"Finding Network 1 has been fantastic: they keep us highly productive, set up a disaster recovery plan including an off-site warm-site, and they help us plan for our future IT needs.  And their engineers are great!  Although I know they have several other clients, they always make me feel like I’m their only customer.”
Margie Carpenter, Human Resources Director – Medicraft

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