Network Security…It’s Important!

Network security is a hot topic these days. There seems to be a new threat that pops up on a daily basis… Super viruses, crafty human intruders, or even disgruntled employees!

Is your confidential data at risk? Securing your computer network from malicious attacks is serious business. Our Security Specialists can make sure that your network is locked down properly.

Firewall Protection

Your Internet firewall is the single most important security device protecting your network from external threats.  Hackers are always developing new methods of penetrating defenses so using the latest firewall protection is essential.  Our managed firewall service takes the worry out of these threats.  We use the best firewalls, loaded with the latest anti-threat technologies and monitored so that you get the best protection possible.  Rest assured 1-Shield will take care of your perimeter defense.

Virus Protection

Our IT professionals can protect your entire network with the latest virus protection software so you can spend your time running your business, not your IT!
Contact Us today to learn more about our Virus Protection Services.

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