Last-Minute Shoppers May Get Lucky

Didn’t run right out and purchase one of the gadgets we suggested during Cyber Week and now you’re faced with paying full-price for your gifts? Never fear! Here are some tips for using price comparison websites.

1. Use a variety of price comparison sites (,,

No one price comparison website has infinite lists of available products. It will take some more time, but helps to make sure you are not missing any goods deals. Of course, there’s also an App for that. Red Laser is one we like.

2. Beware of assumptions

Some price comparison websites will make assumptions about your circumstances. Pay attention  and make sure the product you select is suited to your needs.

3. Consider quality as well as cost

Price comparison websites are set up to find customers the cheapest possible deals for some products. Keep in mind what’s important to you and what you are willing to pay extra for.

4. Make sure the right boxes are ticked

Pre-ticked boxes are often featured on price comparison websites. So, be sure to check whether the site you are using has pre-selected options and choose the one that suits you.

We hope all of you last-minute shoppers get lucky this holiday season!

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