Technology Quarterback

We own the problem. No more finger-pointing.

Vendor, or partner, management is part of the team lead’s role and a trait ingrained into all of our support staff. For proactive planning the client manager also shares in this responsibility.

Our clients say that their ability to confidently turn technology issues over to Network 1 helps them in two big ways: 1) it frees up their staff’s time because they don’t have to waste time trying to troubleshoot a problem to determine what’s broken and who’s at fault and 2) it leads to a much faster resolution to the problem – which means higher productivity.

As a part of understanding your business, the engineers on your team get to know all aspects of your environment and can quickly identify the appropriate vendor for resolution. Also, because Network 1 maintains a working knowledge of all our clients’ systems, we typically become level 1 support for technology – both software and hardware – and act as the ‘technology quarterback’ for your business.

Not sure if the problem is due to the IT infrastructure, telephones, bandwidth, or an application? It doesn’t matter. We own the problem, get the expert involved and up-to-speed quickly, and make sure everything is resolved to your satisfaction.