Server Management

Drama is great at the movies. In fact, it adds to the excitement and entertainment. However, drama isn’t something businesses want with their IT Support – especially when it comes to the computers that run their entire company: the servers.

Drama isn't something businesses want with their IT

The following proactive services – built into all of our plans – show how we take the drama out of server management.

Remote Monitoring (24x7): We utilize a sophisticated remote management platform from N-Able Technologies to monitor and report on the key services and functions running on our clients’ servers.

Event Log Monitoring: A server’s operating system logs events that can provide clues to the server’s overall health. We monitor and proactively review these logs – before problems occur – to make sure there are no hidden issues lurking.

Connectivity: Is the internet down? Is it your service provider? Your on-premise equipment? Software? Hardware? We monitor all the variables so we can quickly pinpoint problems and get them fixed as soon as possible.

CPU, Memory, Hard Disk Utilization Monitoring: Servers are resilient. They may be approaching a critical performance point without showing any signs of degradation. We set alarm thresholds so we are alerted to pending problems before they occur.

Patch Management: Microsoft comes out with patches every month: some fix critical security holes, others fix critical functions, and some fix mundane housekeeping tasks. We make sure these are applied on a regular basis using best practices.

Data Backup Monitoring: Most IT Support companies monitor the backup to see if it failed or ran successfully. We do that too… and more. Network 1 also periodically tests key files to make sure they can be successfully restored.

Sometimes, even with the most proactive server management, a server will crash. If that happens, our engineering teams – comprised mainly of Senior Network Engineers – stand ready to quickly respond, troubleshoot and remediate the issue. Because we only work with monthly retained clients in metro Atlanta we stay focused – and staffed – to help our clients.

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