next level security software to protect your network

Network 1 provides thoroughly vetted and tested security software to our managed service clients. Now we are offering the same solution as a stand-alone offering.

We take privacy and security very seriously and do all we can to vet the best security software for our 130 managed service clients. In fact, we believe so strongly in the solutions we have found, that we are now offering this software to companies with 100-1000 employees and internal IT staff as a stand-alone offering.    

While no system can keep your environment 100% safe, security experts agree that a layered approach is your best defense.

The products we offer – SentinelOne and KnowBe4 – take care of three important layers:

  • Protect your environment
  • Detect, and react quickly, if bad stuff gets in
  • Increase your team’s awareness so they don’t get tricked

Specific benefits include:

  • SentinelOne:
    • Increased endpoint protection: Using static and behavioral Artificial Intelligence, instead of last-generation signature-based methods, more malware is caught before it can get to your computer.
    • Quicker response if a threat is detected: Active EDR (endpoint detection and response) autonomously tracks and responds – leveraging AI – so there is less delay between the time a threat has been detected and the response deployed to combat it.
    • More robust options if a threat is detected: These programs can roll back the infected/encrypted files on the computer(s) to a previous, uninfected/unencrypted state which can save hours or days of recovery time.
  • KnowBe4
    • Simulate phishing attacks: Your team will receive simulated phishing attacks that closely mimic what users see from real ones to ensure they don’t fall for them.
    • Regular testing: Active training (50+ online modules) and testing is a proven way to increase your team’s skills so they recognize and avoid the bad guys’ tricks.
    • Reporting and training: By reviewing the results of these activities monthly, you can reward those that didn’t fall for the phishing attempts and identify those that did so you can provide additional training in a safe environment.

what you can expect as a client


We would like to talk about how you can leverage our experience and volume purchasing power to create a more secure environment at your company. We can help you quickly and smoothly implement these security layers and will be there to assist your internal team should you need us.